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Having a Spandex Gear Fetish

If you are one of those guys that has a strong fetish for Spandex, then you are going to be looking for any place online that will give you the chance to purchase some new Spandex gear that you have never seen before. Part of having a fetish like this is because you want to try new things out as often as possible, and has all kinds of Spandex items that you can browse through and purchase. All you have to do is spend some time on their website and see all the items they have to offer that you don’t already have.

If you are new to the Spandex gear fetish aspect, then you should still take a look and see what you could be getting yourself into. Once you start wearing Spandex there is nothing else out there that could ever take its place, and you will find that your need for new designs will keep pushing you to find new sources. The good thing about is that they do their absolute best to make sure that you are getting the newest designs as soon as possible. Other sites might take years before they put out anything new for you.

Most of the websites you’ll find online that sell Spandex gear of any kind are purchasing them from designers and selling them as stock. doesn’t do that, though. Resident designer, Michael David, designs and creates every single one of their items. That means you are going to be getting newer styles much sooner than you would anywhere else. You will also find that the items they have available are going to cost a lot less than sites that are buying them from a third party. Since everything is done in–house, you don’t have to worry about price markups.

Wearing Spandex gear is something that a lot of guys absolutely adore doing. There is something so sensual and sexy about wearing this type of material that it's almost beyond the realm of modern words to describe. Just knowing that you are wearing an item made from this material can literally change your life in the blink of an eye. The feeling of comfort and the confidence you will get from wearing Spandex is just one small aspect of the changes that you can look forward to getting with this type of a fetish. Of course, there is a sexual satisfaction to it as well as with all other fetishes.

The first thing you are going to have to figure out when it comes to picking out your Spandex gear is what kind of a statement you want to make to anyone that sees it. If you are hoping to impress people with the way your body looks in it, then you are going to want to wear your Spandex out to the beach. If you do wear your Spandex to the beach, then you are going to have to make sure that you purchase a style that can be worn out in public.

If you are looking for more of a sexual aspect, then your Spandex gear will probably fit under the category of erotic items that has. These items aren't going to be for taking out to the beach, but rather for showing off in your bedroom instead. This is a good choice if you are trying to impress your partner with just how big your penis is or if you want to spice things up in your relationship a bit more. They are also good if you are completely alone and just want to have some fun with yourself.

Whatever reason you have for wearing Spandex gear like this, you will want to make sure that it is something you are ready to wear. There are quite a few options out there that are more advanced and beginners should try to work up to them rather than jumping in with both feet. If you have never worn anything like the advanced options that are available, then you will be in for a huge surprise when you try to put them on. Most beginners don’t even have a clue as to the proper way of wearing items like this.

The good thing about the Spandex gear from is that you get the chance of seeing them worn by models. takes plenty of pictures for you to see what to expect when you order their items and they are from different views. In this way, you get to see the intricacies of the designs and the proper way of wearing them. This will help a little bit in figuring out how a particular design is supposed to be worn and what you will look like if you put it on. But you should still start out with something mellow in the beginning.

Once you have gotten used to the way your Spandex gear fits, then you can start looking into something that is a bit more advanced. That is also where the real fun in wearing Spandex starts to come into play. You would never know by looking at some of the items on that you can attach an anal plug or hook to them and wear them around just for fun. That is the type of thing you are going to have to find out on your own, and that is taking your Spandex fetish to a completely new level of enjoyment.

Some men think that you can only wear your Spandex gear around the house or if it's swimwear, out to the beach. The truth is that you can wear most, if not all, of the items that has to offer under your clothing every single day. In fact, the swimwear options work wonders as an alternative pair of underwear for you that will give you comfort where your underwear never could. Just imagine sitting through meetings all day wearing something made out of Spandex and you will understand completely.

Any guy that is interested in wearing his Spandex gear under his clothing is going to be extremely happy to find out that most of the designs on are actually created specifically for that purpose. Some guys might think that certain parts of their Spandex items wills stick out and become noticeable when they are walking through the office, but most of the designs will fit perfectly under your pants, and no one will be the wiser as to what you have on. Think of how satisfying it will be to enjoy your Spandex fetish in front of everyone without them even knowing about it.

Having a fetish like wearing Spandex gear is only exciting when you can get away with doing it in front of people and not getting into trouble. By wearing your Spandex items from under your clothing, you get that chance and you get to have that little secret inside you all day long. Nothing can be sexier than knowing you are wearing some of the most erotic Spandex items on the planet right in front of everyone in your office, and they would never guess that you are wearing something like that in a million years.

You might even be surprised to find out that you aren't the only guy wearing Spandex gear in the office, either. Just take a look around the next time you think about it and try to figure out which guys in your office might be wearing something like this. A good hint to follow would be the guys that are overly confident in nature. These are usually the guys that are wearing erotic items under their clothing since those items give you a confidence boost. It could be the whole reason why your boss is in charge as well.

There have been a few men around that have been wearing Spandex gear items under their clothing and found that they are more efficient at work. This usually leads to their supervisors or their bosses giving them more responsibility in their work, and that always leads to higher pay rates and promotions. Just think of how your life could change for the better if you were comfortable enough to be more efficient and productive at your job. You could be the next guy to take over that corner office that everyone on your floor wants to get into.

Now, you should keep in mind that simply wearing Spandex gear isn't going to suddenly make you the next manager at work. You are still going to have to put your time in and work hard to achieve your goals, but it will make it a bit easier for you to do that. Nothing is worse than trying to work hard and get a project done on time when you are uncomfortable. Wearing your Spandex items will definitely make you more comfortable. Once you have that comfort, then the rest is up to you and it should pretty much be a cake walk.

Success always comes to those that risk everything to get what they want. Wearing your Spandex gear to work is a huge risk that you can take and the benefits will definitely be a reward. If you put the effort into your career that you put into enjoying a fetish like this, then there is nothing in this world that can stop you from having the success you have always dreamt of having. You just have to want it bad enough to force yourself to put your Spandex items on and head out that door.

Now, if you want to give this aspect a shot, then you are going to need to find some Spandex gear items that you can easily wear to work. You will also need to make sure that you are used to the way they fit. You will probably find a pair of Spandex items that you would love to use only for work, but you are going to have to wear them around the house first before you head out the door. Nothing is worse than being part way through the day and realizing you need to change out of your Spandex.

Wear your new Spandex gear around the house for a few days so that you know exactly what to expect while having them on at work. Do the things you would normally do at work while you are wearing them. Sit down at your office desk and get up and walk around a bit. Bend over if you need to; just do as much work related movement as you possibly can while at home so that you can see what your Spandex is going to be doing at those times. That will help you get used to them in a hurry.

Once you are used to the way your Spandex gear is going to fit into your work life, then you can take them to work for the day and see what happens. It might be a good idea to bring along an extra pair of underwear or something just in case you find that you need to change out of your Spandex at some point during the day. Some guys get extremely horny while wearing their items and that can also affect the way you do your job. It's rather difficult to do any paperwork if you have an erection under the desk, after all.

If you can wear your Spandex gear items for a day or two at work without any hassles, then you are pretty much set to wear them every single day you work. Then, you can start looking at other items from that you can wear to work and bring your fetish to a new level of enjoyment. If that is something you want to do, of course. No one is forcing you to enjoy yourself while you are working if that isn't something you want to try out at least once in your life time.

Having fun is something that a lot of people think they are having, but they never really know until they are wearing Spandex gear. It might be fun for you to go to the beach or out to the clubs on the weekend, but if you aren't wearing your Spandex, then how much fun do you really think you are having? That goes for work as well since wearing Spandex to work will greatly improve the amount of entertainment and fun you can have. It really depends on whether or not you can handle having that much fun in your life.

If you would prefer to keep your Spandex gear fetish to yourself and not run the risk of having anyone find out about it, then that is your choice. You have the right to wear your items in the privacy of your own home whenever you want to. Of course, if you share that home with a partner, then you might want to make sure the decision to purchase a certain design will be accepted by them as well. Nothing is worse than surprising your partner with something like this and they scream and run out the door.

Some people think that wearing Spandex gear like the more erotic items on make you some kind of a pervert. Granted, these are the same people that have no sex life and wouldn’t know what to do with a fetish if it kicked them right in the eye. But they still feel a moral superiority over you so they think you are wrong. What they need to do is pull themselves off that high horse and actually try wearing something made out of Spandex just once so that they can see just how exciting this kind of fetish really is.

You could be assured that if these people decided to try out some of the Spandex gear from even once, they would end up buying everything they could just to see what else they were missing out on. That might make it a bit more difficult for you to purchase anything if they all decided to go shopping at the same time, though, so maybe it is better that they don’t wear anything like this. You don’t want to have to wait until they grow tired of wearing Spandex before you can order something new, no do you?

Whether you know it now or not, you have the right to buy whatever you want to buy and wear around the house when it comes to Spandex gear. But wearing these items out to the beach isn't going to be that easy for you. There might be a clothing optional beach in your area that you can wear some of the erotic items to without any hassles, but those beaches aren't that prevalent just yet. So what do you do if you aren't by a beach and you still want to wear them out in public so that everyone can see you?

Well, the first thing you can do is have an erotic Spandex gear party at your own home. These types of parties have started to become very popular over the years and more people are throwing them than you might imagine. You may not hear about them that often, but if you are wearing the latest Spandex swimwear from on the beach on a regular basis, you will probably be invited before too long. You just have to know the right people and you will be going to these parties every single weekend.

If you are going to throw an erotic Spandex gear party, you will need to make sure that your neighbors can't see what you are doing. You might invite your neighbors if you get along with them, but once guys have neighbors that are extremely nosey, they would be very careful with their parties. They are probably the same ones that will call you a pervert if they saw you walking around your own home wearing anything made out of Spandex. Either way, you need to make sure your party is inside completely or that your privacy fence is tall enough to block their view.

If you are keeping your Spandex gear party indoors, then you are going to have to figure out some games that people can play in order to stay entertained. Nothing is worse than having people sitting around in erotic Spandex swimwear with nothing to focus on. Maybe a good old game of Twister would be a great way of keeping people entertained at your indoor party. Just think of how interesting and exciting a game like that can be for a bunch of guys wearing erotic Spandex items in your home.

If you are having your Spandex gear party outside, then you will need to either have a hot tub available or some kind of a pool at least for your guests to have fun with. It isn't necessary, but it will go a long way for inviting them back to another party at your home, that is for sure. You have to think about things like that if you really want to have a great party. Even if you have to rent a hot tub or buy one of those above ground pools for the party, your guests are going to enjoy it a lot more if you do.

Wearing your Spandex gear should be fun and something that you enjoy doing all the time. Just having a fetish for something doesn’t mean that it has to be sexual in nature, although that does make it quite a lot of fun as well. You have to put all of your effort into exploring your fetish to find out just how far you can take it and what you are willing to do in order to enjoy your life. If you can manage to do that, then there is no one out there that can tell you that your Spandex gear fetish is wrong or immoral in any way. You can just look at them and smile, secretly wearing your Spandex items under your clothes as you do so.

Michael David has been working with Koala for over eighteen years creating cutting edge swimwear, fetish wear and sex wear for men.
Koala has allowed Michael to create swimwear beyond your wildest dreams!
Michael David swim and fetish wear designs are considered the worlds most extreme spandex wear for men.

The Spandex gear site was created for men and women to enjoy the art and beauty of the male body and that most beautiful part that is almost never shown, strange world, the penis. These designs celebrate all things male showing both masculine and feminine sides that are not exposed nearly as often as they should be. There are very few nude beaches in the USA which I find completely unacceptable. It is amazing how many decades behind some peoples thinking is. Could there ever be something not perfect about getting sun on a nude body at your favorite beach. It is just a body and just as the female form is revered so to should the male form. Our goal is to motivate men throughout the world to show off their bodies wearing the tiniest micro swimwear, this would be a great start since you are virtually nude wearing these micro creations. Enjoy the site.
I know the wording Spandex gear sounds strange but it comes up quite a bit in searches on Yahoo, Google and MSN and since we want you to check out to see the worlds hottest most extreme swim and fetish wear for men we will stoop down to the level of using a sentence as strange as swimwear men. Feel free to check out the great photos on this site then head over to the Koala site to be treated to something truly special Super hot links to the best sites on the web for guy.
Swimwear for guy has compiled a fantastic list of hard to find
sites with exciting topics!

The designer of the most amazing guy’s lingerie, Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear and fetish wear by Michael David. His designs are found exclusively at
Bikini lingerie, thong lingerie, g-string lingerie all for guy! Perfect to show off your new shaved body.
Now there are so many sexy choices in guy’s lingerie including the more extreme
Lingerie for those daring enough to try them- those include the entire line of
Spandex gear lingerie, penis size enhancing lingerie, fem style male to female
Lingerie styles and so much more you just need to have an open mind and you are sure to have more fun then ever!

This site is about Spandex gear, every thing you have ever wanted to know about Spandex gear. We will look at the more extreme Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear styles that are made for a guys body micro Spandex gear, bikini designs, micro Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear thongs, micro Spandex gear, Designs for Shaved sheer suits , fetish wear and how they all relate to what guy today are wearing both gay and straight. Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini designs have been seen on the beaches of Europe for many years and women in the USA have been wearing Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini designs for quite some time to. Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini and Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear thong designs started showing up ion the beaches in the USA a few years ago, daring guys going with micro Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini designs that show just about everything. These Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini and Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear
thong styles first started showing up at beaches in California, Southern California in particular and the beaches of Florida.
As guy throughout the world get more into showing off their bodies we are seeing more guy all the time wearing Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear including thongs Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear, Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikinis and tiny micro Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear styles. I was at Venice Beach in Los Angeles one weekend this summer and there were just as guys wearing Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear and thong designs as guys wearing those huge shorts that cover everything. There is no question seeing a guy wearing a Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini with a good body attracts way more attention then a guy in shorts down past his knees.
This site is all about the different types of Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear design and extreme styles of micro Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini designs, Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear and fetish sex wear. I have a great collection of Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini model photos that I am willing to share but I would like you to send yours into to us so we can make your Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini or Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear thong shots famous, at least famous at our little Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear site  I have shot tons of photos for fetish types of micro Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini designs, nudes, pro and amateur Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini, g-string and thong models and insane Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear, thong, bikini designs from Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear companies including
Koala with designer Michael David create the most amazing micro Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini designs, exposing Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear and fetish wear including the following:

Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear Spandex gear, Designs for every thing you have ever wanted to know about Spandex gear are becoming more popular on the beaches of the world for guy and women. Europe has led the way for years with wild Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear cutting edge styles but the USA has come on strong with players like Koala creating the most cutting edge Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear bikini, Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear thong and micro Spandex gear, Designs for Spandex gear Spandex gear, Designs for every thing you have ever wanted to know about Spandex gear found anywhere!

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